Saturday, 27 March 2010

Put everything behind

Put everything behind, do we have manners to speak in a forum or even do we have manners to talk one-to-one.
Talking of Kashmala and Dr. Fridous Ashiq Awan, Both Parliamentarians, live on TV, Dr Firdous abused Kashmala so much that Kashmala stopped syaing anything.
Two supporters of PPP at Machester TV were talking and suddenly one person started hitting other.
Similar kinds of incidents happen everyday in each city. Is it egoistic problem? Everyone wants to win a arguement. I know that everyone his/her own opinion and we should respect every opinion and listen to others quitely and tolerate even if we do not like the opinions. We can definitely disagree with the opinions but we should not start hitting others.

Another case which was recorded by The NEWS is;
Saturday, March 27, 2010
The civil judges of Lahore and Arifwala have requested for one month leave against slapping of a civil judge by a lawyer in Faisalabad whereas four additional session judges and ten civil judges have resigned in Depalpur.

Conclusion is;
Can we just talk in a good manner, I think it'll resolve some of the social problems in our culture.

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