Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do we have some duties

We are a nation of 170+ million people. Out of 170+ million 50 percent (still an underestimate figure) are those who cannot eat properly three times a day, 54 percent are so called literacy rate. We are under immense pressure of eliminating terrorism from our country. Smuggling, shirking on the job and corruption are the core issues since independence. Market forces do not work properly because of insufficient implementation of regulation and lack of property rights.
We have same things each year to cry on. For Example bachat bazaars and Ramzan bazaars established by the government to provide relief to the common person have completely failed to provide relief to the masses. What does this mean that under high corrupt society and lack of proper governance we can’t think that intervention of government would be fruitful. What is missing here; Our role as a person in the society. What are we doing in the society. If seller is selling sugar for Rs.55/KG and we know the original rate is Rs. 45/KG then we are not doing our duty if we take sugar for Rs.55/KG and go home and abuse the government. We have certain duties as a nation to restrict that person to sell at a proper price. We need to tell the authorities about that person or at least do the “Chittar Parade” of that person who is doing black marketing.
We generally give an example of developed countries and the people of developed countries. For Example USA but we do not behave like the people of USA. Rather we do behave like them on the streets, while dancing and dressing and listening to English music or trying to speak English language or trying to be cool. But we do not take responsibilities as an individual in USA takes his responsibilities. IF we know our own responsibilities and we do our work properly then we can have a good collective society. But who cares…!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Free trade with open eyes

Free trade is not beneficial for everyone. Some will be gainers and some will be losers. The gainers will compensate the losers. Under WTO safety nets program is just for this reason but who will take out from the pockets from gainers and who’ll give to the losers. Are we looking towards the government who is very inefficient due to high transaction cost including corruption and high maintained status quo and hierarchy? In the corruption index we are at number 10, though improved from number 9 last year but still among the most corrupt countries.
This is one problem which we might face under free trade. Another problem is that the losers will lose the job as well as money. If they get do not get required amount of money to live their standard life they’ll be deprived off what they were getting without free trade. Moreover, we are ignoring the component of satisfaction here. A person who was previously working is either unemployed or working at some place where he does not want to work. In other words his job satisfaction is zero compare to his/her previous job, hence the overall satisfaction. If the person remains unemployed for a longer period of time he thinks of many different thing including shake hands with the extremist element, become a thief or a dacoit. Thus unemployment is definitely a social evil which is very high right now in our country.
From the above can we conclude that unemployment or dissatisfaction from employment could be a big cause of terrorism? After all this do we need blind eye free trade or we need to see pros and cons of free trade for our own country, first solve those issues and then pursue for free trade.