Saturday, 13 March 2010

I am sad today, very sad

I am sad today. Why? Because there were 6 explosions at Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore and 2 at RA Bazaar, Cantt, Lahore. More than 50 people died on the spot and several injured. Where are we going. Who is leading these attacks. Who are these coward suiciders, brain washed by some, killing innocent people. Aren't they thinking what are they doing. Can't they think whether the people who asked them to do this have no agenda but the Kayos. Is our intelligence so weak that they cannot track these people. Does common person do not have basic awareness or common sense to report any suspecious activity or their duty is just to read news and abuse government and others. as Sohail Ahmed said "ainan nun Ted khurkan to ilaawa kam hi koi nahin".
Above all Mr Munawwar has given a remarkable statement that It is all done by Blackwater and Interior Minister is also involved with them conducting these attacks. I would jsut aks Mr Munawwar that does he has any evidence for it. He knows in Islam blaming anyone without evidence is wrong, when he knows that he is presdient of the largest Religious party of Pakistan and people listen to him. If he has evidence then why don't he show it to public so that everyone knows the culprits.
Who is doing this is the Big Que. Everyone has their own opinion but how do we stop them is the main question. Though most of the Pakistanis have the answer for this Que as well. Is it a good time for documentation. Documenting the records of each person living in the homeland, documenting the raw materials coming from and then who is purchasing it so that Govt or intelligence knows that who is buying what. Moreover people should be aware of what is happening in their area and instantly report any suspecious activity.
May Allah Bless or Country and us (ameen)

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