Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Difference between mutually exclusive event and independent event

While teaching course of Statistics at PIDE I realized that students are in general confused between mutually exclusive events and independent events. Since I taught this concept recently thus i thought that i should upload the explanation. There are good chances that some other websites have explained this as well.

Mutually Exclusive events are those events which cannot occur together/simultaneously. Moreover in simpler words if certain events cannot happen together at the same time then those events are known as mutually exclusive events.
For Example: (1) Its raining outside and it's not raining outside (2) he had tea in office and he did not have tea in office (3) arrow hitting a dart and not hitting a dart (4) cyclone happen and not happen (5) sick and not sick. All the examples are very clear that  these events can occur at the same time.
Independent Events are those event which can occur together but there is no association between them. For instance (1) it will rain today as well as we will have too much work in office (2)Teacher will take a class and painter paint a portrait (3) purchase a computer and eating eggs in breakfast (4) elections in India and tree plantation in England. All the examples show that the events can occur at the same time but there is not correlation between the two variables.

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