Saturday, 27 April 2013

When we will learn to learn

I was reading a tweet which is  about first female PhD Physicist of Pakistan. She was not offerred a job at PINSTECH because she wrote "humanism" in space of religion. I understand it is a sensitive lace to work  but this means being a Muslims is the only criteria of judgement of loyalty and sincerity with the instituition.
I was talking to my wife that Abdul Salam was not promoted since he was a non-Muslim. I am just sick of it. We always cite christians, qadiyanis, jews, hindus work in our  research article since it does not get published in a good journal if we do not include up to date literature in the article. This is straight foreard hypocracy.
We can have any non -Muslim professor as our advisor and we will defend ourself that we are doing fine since no other muslim professor are available hus in extreme circumstances we can have non-muslim advisor. if that is the case, so please my muslim fellow brothers/friends/relative etc etc you should have accepted Dr AbDul Salam since he was the only Nobel Lareatte of Pakistan. You should have cashed it. You should not have ignored it. It was so disappointing when I talk to someone (with beared of course) about Dr Abdul Salam, the first question always is, "was (is) he musllim"? This the first criteria of judging the person is hat whether he is a Muslim or not. I'll be glad if we let the Almighty to do his job for judging everyone.

Basic idea of making blog is to write the anger out of me. I just wrote my inside anger here.
Your views can be totally different. You may disagree with me.

More recently Quetta incident is so sad that I cannot write anything on it apart from this.

یہ اپنے شہیدوں کی لاشیں رکھ کر رونے والے ڈرپوک نہیں ! انہیں دکھ ہے' اپنوں سے اپنا غم نہ بانٹ پانے کا ! انکی آنکھوں میں ایک سوال ہے' کیوں؟

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