Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Democracy or no Democracy: Problems in Pakistan

This answer is in reponse to the post of Akash Jai at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=19139865256&topic=3530
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Akash's post post reveals different problems which can be eliminated just through democracy. He is very right that we are fighting for out independence after getting indepence in 1947. He mentioned Think Tanks. As far my knowledge is concerned there are many think tanks working in Pakistan and working in their own capacity and I'll be rhetoric here that the policymakers do not listen to those think tanks. Even if they listen their policies are mostly based on their self interest. We, the people of Pakistan, vote the candidates that they'll represent us in the National Assembly but it is quite skeptical that in most of the villages people vote candidate who help those people in different problems or with fear. Feudals are holding most of the things in their hands. So called chaudaries, Waderas, Sardards and Khans are manipulating the things in their favour asking people to vote for certain candidate.Ayres writings are very optimistic about democracy... According to him Democracy is the best way to convince and teach people where they have lack of knowledge but in a country like Pakistan people do not want to listen to what others say. Poverty, Justice and Illiteracy are the three main problems in Pakistan which we need to point out. These three problems can be abolished by making policies in right direction and there should be continuity and consistency in policies.

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